How to Test A Voltage Regulator IC Using Multimeter

It is simple way how to test DC voltage regulator circuit using multimeter We will do a voltage regulator test, the output voltage level. For example we want to do testing on a 7805 regulator. IC 7805 regulator designed provide a fixed output voltage of 5V, if the good results it will be measured at the pin (3) the amount of output voltage of 5 volts DC.

To perform the test we need a DC power supply panel equipped with a voltmeter, a DC voltmeter, regulator IC 7805 and the black and red wires as needed. Red and black wires are used as a link between positive polarity (+) and negative (-) of the voltage source to the input pin (1) and ground (2) the regulator IC. Output pin (3) and ground (2) of the 7805 IC to be connected to the positive polarity (+) and negative (-) on the voltmeter.

Diagram of Testing Voltage Regulator IC

How to Test DC Voltage Regulator 7805

How to Test Voltage Regulator

The things you should know and be prepared prior to testing or measuring voltage regulator circuit is:

  • A type of three-terminal regulator IC regulator will work fine if input voltage is greater than the output voltage around 3V. It should be remembered that 7805 was a positive linear type regulator which will be different pinout configurations with IC 7905.
  • Turn on the DC power supply and adjust the output voltage of about 8V or slightly larger. Or alternatively you can use a battery 9V-12V as voltage source. Look at the voltmeter panel when you set the voltage
  • Prepare a DC voltmeter readings on voltage range 50V to measure the output voltage of the IC 7805.
  • Perform the red and black cable connections are correct, red for positive polarity (+) and pin (1) IC, black for polarity (-) and pin (2) IC. Here;s 7805 voltage regulator testing using multimeter video.

The test results of IC 7805 is good if the pin (3) read positive DC voltage 5V. And you can do it over and over to ensure that the condition of IC 7805 is still functioning well. Do a check for >another voltage regulator IC.